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Have problems with your computer that you just won't go away? Our expert technicians here are Windows Tech Man will help you deal with these issues, including:

  • Slow computer - one of the first signs of a computer encountering problems is an inexplicable slowdown in its functions. Startup and shutdowns take longer, programs are slow to run and the screen even stutters at times. There is no single cause for computer slowdowns, but our technicians know how to isolate the ones affecting your computer or computers.
  • Virus infections - viral infections are some of the most dangerous problems you can encounter on your computer. Some of them are obvious and destructive, with some variants even locking your computer up unless you pay a ransom. Others are quiet and low-key, monitoring your keyboard strokes and gathering information. In any case, our experts can find out what virus hit your computers and can thoroughly remove them once identified.
  • Frequent freezes - if your computer screen tends to lock up and refuses to show any movement from your mouse or keyboard commands, then there is a serious problem with your operating system, running applications or both. Our technicians will conduct a thorough diagnosis by checking all applications one by one and isolating the culprit causing your computer to freeze up.
  • Consistent BSODs - a computer showing a blue screen of death (BSOD) is another variant of a computer freeze up, but this is due more to incompatible drivers than running applications. This can be quite a difficult problem to deal with especially since BSODs can prevent a computer from starting up in the first place. Our technicians, however, know full well how to deal with this issue.
  • Internet connection issues - is your Internet running slower than usual, or maybe you can't connect to the 'net at all? This is one of those problems that have a hundred possible reasons, from an unplugged connection to a virus eating up your Internet bandwidth. Not to worry though, our technicians will troubleshoot the more common problems one by one until they find what's bugging your Internet connection. 

Simply contact us and we'll assign an expert to work on your case - no matter where you are or what time it is!

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